Dark Matter Wheels


Introducing the Dark Matter steel trailer wheel with its innovative ESR (Extreme Salt Resistance) Finish. ESR is set to revolutionize the trailer wheel market. This remarkably durable matte black coating is sprayed on, and eliminates the need for the environmentally harmful galvanizing process. The Dark Matter wheel performs better than galvanized wheels in the salt spray test chamber. "A sprayed-on finish lasting more than 700 hours in the salt spray chamber is unheard of in the wheel industry.”

After being exposed to weather and salt water, galvanized wheels develop an unattractive oxidization on their surface. This oxidization is referred to in the industry as “white rot”, ESR is set to do away with unsightly white rot while capitalizing on a trend in the trailer wheel market: customers want aesthetically pleasing trailer wheels. Trailer wheels are not just about utility anymore. This wheel allows the customer to have both an attractive and maintenance free wheel.